The Big Picture on your Career Life Cycle

Where do you stand with your career life cycle?

Every career has a life cycle. Every industry has a life cycle. Every company has a life cycle.

Whatever your career plan, you first need to get an understanding of where you stand on the continuum. Are you entry level (1-5 years)? Are you mid-management level (5-10 yrs)? Senior management (10-15)? Executive level (15-20 years)? It’s really good to do a quick self-assessment and know how your skills and experience stack up.

To become a subject matter expert in any topic, you must spend 10K hours in it. Like, I have well over 10K hours in coaching, after having done it for 15 years.

Careers are an “arc”. Know where you stand on it. That’s the first step.

…read on… and tag your friends! Everyone needs career support these days!

eStore: Career Toolkits

DO IT YOURSELF CAREER TOOLKIT: full of helpful templates and guides ($19.99)

In short, all the “tools” you need to market yourself in competitive job markets. Our Career Toolkit is designed specifically to support your every step, whether you are seeking a new job, or looking to reinvent yourself and build a new business!

  • Build Your Professional Brand 
  • “Content Style” Resume as Reference
  • “Visual Style” Resume as reference 
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Job Search/Business Development Strategy Tracking Sheet
  • Are You Shortlist-able Exercise!
  • How to Write Your Own Bio
  • Entry Strategy: How to Start Your New Job Off Right!
  • How to Write a Recommendation
  • Media Job Postings Websites
  • How to Write Up Your References
  • Best Times to Post on Social Media

CAREER ACTIVISM: How to Access the Hidden Job Market! ($9.99) 

  • Plan an effective online and offline job search 
  • Get in-front of the decision makers 
  • How to approach hiring managers for consideration
  • Make a strong business case for your next job offer
  • Practical cheatsheet on how to get shortlisted for the jobs you want

MASTERING THE INTERVIEW: It Pays to Prepare! ($9.99) 

  • Gain confidence in interview situations
  • Insider’s intel on managing the interview process 
  • How to research 
  • How to nail a “screening call” 
  • How to answer the tough questions, and ask the right questions
  • Create your business case for hiring managers 

 NEGOTIATING YOUR SALARY: What are you worth? ($9.99) 

  • Achieve a salary negotiation win-win
  • Determine your fair market value 
  • Insider’s intel on the negotiation process 
  • How to create a formal compensation package request


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