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If you’re thinking about building your own business, Smart Start is your complete, downloadable “go-to” resource to set your new business up for success!

Smart Start: How to Build Your Own Small Business  $19.99

Firstly, Smart Start offers a list of fundamental tasks to set up and manage your small business. Secondly,You’ll get a solid understanding of how to establish your brand, how to position and package your product and/or service, and learn how to communicate your message to the marketplace!

Moreover, Smart Start also shows you how to develop business channels/leads, and manage business development cycles. Finally, it teaches you how to use the power of the internet to market your new venture, and how to land crucial meetings with clients and therefore convert them to a sale!  Scroll down to see what “everything” looks like in the Smart Start WorkBook menu! For an in-depth look, check out Careers AF!

“Using the approaches and tips in Smart Start, I was able to confidently boil down what I wanted to do, and the steps I needed to take to get there!” – Andrea H

SmartStart: How to Build Your Own Small Business

All the resources and guidance you need to start your own small business in 2024!

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Here’s what “everything” looks like in the Smart Start 2024 WorkBook Menu:

Business Concept & Planning: Who, What, When, Where, Why? Market Analysis & Planning, Legal Concerns, Business Administration

Bossing Management: How to stay hands on with your money, E-Comm, Budgeting, Service Providers, Business Operations, Revenue Streams, Business Models, Funding

Business Development: Building your network, Lead Development, Building Market Channels, Client Outreach, Business Marketing & Conversion to Sale, Brand Management

Business Best Practices: Do’s and Don’ts for Small Business Entrepreneurs, Understanding & Managing “Calculated Risk”, Best Times to Post on Social Media

“Smart Start has made such a difference in my confidence level! I have 100% more business acumen than I had before!” — Linda K

Build Your Own Small Business

With the right planning, you can launch a small business strongly and properly — out of the gate!


Career Check List 2023

Basic Career Check List for 2023

I always take advantage this season to review my basic career check list, and ensure I am career ready for the coming year… It really pays off to do an “end of year career check list”… Software and technology upgrades complete for desktop and mobile? Check. Computer and email files cleaned out? Check. Apps inventory complete and paired down? Check. Hard drive backed up? Check. Document and email files organized and ready to go for 2022? Check! Newsletters curated and updated to reflect your needs going forward? Check!

Perfect. You’re now ready to take your career check list the next level!

Career goals checklist

2022 Career Goals

Next Level Career Check List for 2023

Short, mid and long-term goals list? Check! Personal brand, resume and email signature upgraded and fit to pass artificial intelligence (AI) and applicant tracking systems (ATS)? Check! Library of “visuals” for social media? Check!  Strategic, empowered approach to hidden job market? Check! Expanded/CURATED network of contacts? Check! Screening call/interview ready? Check! Ready to negotiate that raise? Check! Can you tell an employer exactly why you’re better than anyone else for that job (p.s…it’s all about your business case!)? DOUBLE CHECK!

Goals readiness 2022


I got into the habit of doing year-end computer and marketing scrubs years ago! Cleaning out my computer and feeds, upgrading my software, and preparing my marketing tools really puts me in a confident spot, starting the new year. Everything feels fresh and organized — which leaves me open to creating new product, overhauling services, and generally putting my best foot forward professionally. I repeat: it feels really good but also, it’s massively empowering: a GREAT POSITION to be in, starting any new year.

I challenge you to do the same. It takes 3-4 days to get it all done, but it’s!

Set yourself (or a friend) up for professional success in 2022! Pay this forward and share on social, for a friend, colleague, classmate, employee, new gradmillennial, new immigrant, or anyone in your circle who is under/un-employed, and struggling to get greater career traction.

Careers AF! 2nd Edition:

Careers AF! 2022 WorkBook:

Post-Pandemic Job Seekers & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Post-pandemic job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs who are unsure how to navigate the new normal for employment and financial security — this post is for you!

This year, I took stock of the multitude of changes that have taken place with respect to seeking purposeful and gainful employment post-pandemic. As a result, I decided to publish a second edition of Careers AF! …new rules, new tools for the post-pandemic gig economy …Good call!

There are two core areas of content that I felt important to include. First, a new, fulsome chapter on post-pandemic best practices for job search.  …And second, a full new chapter on how to start your own small business. The second edition has been re-edited specifically for:

  • New grads/Gens Z&A/Recent Alumni — looking to get a foot in the door
  • Gens X & Y — looking to move up the corporate ladder
  • Boomers — shifting out of staff jobs into freelance or consultancy roles
  • New Immigrants — seeking the all-important Canadian experience that will give them a toe hold in the labour markets.
Available now

Available in hardcover, softcover, and E-book on

Read Up On Employment Survival c2022!

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5 Top Tips to Make BIG Things Happen in Your Career

Want to know the 5 top tips to make big things happen in your career?

The biggest mistake you can make, is only taking care of your career when your back is against the wall! Career maintenance should be taken care of on an ongoing basis!

In today’s current job climate, the competition can be fierce. That’s ok. We are resilient beings. Here we provide 5 top tips to make big things happen in your career — quick & easy tips on managing your career and finding new opportunities to improve your profile to hiring managers.

How to get a job

Easy tips on how to put your best foot forward in determining your career

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