The Big Picture on your Career Life Cycle

Where do you stand with your career life cycle?

Every career has a life cycle. Every industry has a life cycle. Every company has a life cycle.

Whatever your career plan, you first need to get an understanding of where you stand on the continuum. Are you entry level (1-5 years)? Are you mid-management level (5-10 yrs)? Senior management (10-15)? Executive level (15-20 years)? It’s really good to do a quick self-assessment and know how your skills and experience stack up.

To become a subject matter expert in any topic, you must spend 10K hours in it. Like, I have well over 10K hours in coaching, after having done it for 15 years.

Careers are an “arc”. Know where you stand on it. That’s the first step.

…read on… and tag your friends! Everyone needs career support these days!

Career Planning and Recruitment

career planning and recruitment with Michelle NadonmI’s Career Activism program gives you a truly competitive career planning and recruitment advantage. In one-on-one personal coaching sessions, we help you develop marketing tools with a strong personal brand. We guide you in confidently targeting the exact companies and roles you aspire to. We enhance your interview skills, your negotiating power, and your ability to “make a business case”.

These will help you secure the exact role you want, on the team that you want. Getting your career plan into shape is a simple 3 step process…

Session 1: Building Your Plan & Your Brand ($199) 

  • Developing and planning short, mid and long-term goals to identify the path you wish to take whether it’s career progression, or career transition.
  • Marketing tool reviews: Targeted resume writing, online profiles, job applications, cover letters & thank you notes, bios, pitch statements and personal brands. We help you optimize your positioning and packaging.
  • Identify and address skills shortages and experience gaps.
  • Clarifying your message through clear “pitch statements”.
  • Build a solid job search strategic plan.

Session 2: How To Access The Hidden Job Market ($199) 

  • 10 ways to plan an effective job search online and on the ground.
  • How to determine if you have the skills to get shortlisted.
  • How to develop job leads through your professional and personal networks.
  • Leverage MI’s spectacular media company database for leads and introductions to top media companies and contact info for decision makers.
  • How to develop make a business case for your candidacy that resonates strongly with hiring managers.
  • When and how to call, email, and follow up.

Session 3: Master Class – Interview & Hire Negotiations ($99) 

  • 4 ways to master a screening call.
  • Interview Prep: understand business etiquette and important protocols, prepare for a wide range of interview styles, and understand what the interviewer is seeking.
  • How to determine fair market value for salaries.
  • How to negotiate your compensation package.
  • How to build a successful entry strategy for the new company and how to position your exit strategy for the company you’re moving on from.

    À LA CARTE RECRUITING Our goal at mI is to improve the talent acquisition, development and retention factors for small to medium sized media businesses. Our model is designed to free our clients from complex candidate sourcing, liaison and administration. We give you the flexibility to choose only those services that you need. We shortlist talent with 85%+ match to your required skills. And we do it fast – so you don’t lose top talent to other companies.

    • Recruitment & Executive Search
    • Custom Job Descriptions & Position Profiles
    • Pre-Qualifying Talent
    • Applicant Tracking, Screening, Shortlisting
    • Compensation &  Contract Negotiation
    • Reference & Background Checks
    • Labour Market Trends & Analysis

    And we’ve got the bandwidth! mI sources top-standard, brand-building, media-savvy talent with the inclination and capacity for growth! Our talent pool spans entry, mid-management, senior and executive management levels. Our talent pool has 20K+ media professionals with expertise in: programming & production, content development, interactive, mobile & social media, policy & research, business development & sales, business affairs & financial management, creative services & creative management, IT/ICT, publishing, marketing & communications.


    mI provides customized career coaching for individuals and groups. Our career planning and recruitment programs set your former employees up for success, helps them beat the competition, and shortens the time spent on job search. We provide valuable one-on-one ongoing support through the full transition process: identifying goals, upgrading self-marketing tools, and we offer solid strategies for accessing the hidden job market, and getting in front of the right people at the right times, for the right reasons.

eStore: Career Toolkits

DO IT YOURSELF CAREER TOOLKIT: full of helpful templates and guides ($19.99)

In short, all the “tools” you need to market yourself in competitive job markets. Our Career Toolkit is designed specifically to support your every step, whether you are seeking a new job, or looking to reinvent yourself and build a new business!

  • Build Your Professional Brand 
  • “Content Style” Resume as Reference
  • “Visual Style” Resume as reference 
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Job Search/Business Development Strategy Tracking Sheet
  • Are You Shortlist-able Exercise!
  • How to Write Your Own Bio
  • Entry Strategy: How to Start Your New Job Off Right!
  • How to Write a Recommendation
  • Media Job Postings Websites
  • How to Write Up Your References
  • Best Times to Post on Social Media

CAREER ACTIVISM: How to Access the Hidden Job Market! ($9.99) 

  • Plan an effective online and offline job search 
  • Get in-front of the decision makers 
  • How to approach hiring managers for consideration
  • Make a strong business case for your next job offer
  • Practical cheatsheet on how to get shortlisted for the jobs you want

MASTERING THE INTERVIEW: It Pays to Prepare! ($9.99) 

  • Gain confidence in interview situations
  • Insider’s intel on managing the interview process 
  • How to research 
  • How to nail a “screening call” 
  • How to answer the tough questions, and ask the right questions
  • Create your business case for hiring managers 

 NEGOTIATING YOUR SALARY: What are you worth? ($9.99) 

  • Achieve a salary negotiation win-win
  • Determine your fair market value 
  • Insider’s intel on the negotiation process 
  • How to create a formal compensation package request


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about michelle nadon, career coach

At mI, we are all about de-mystifying the entire hiring process. As a result, we can help you make a solid career plan and teach you how to position and package yourself with a strong personal brand. We also support you in job search, and help you get access to the hidden job market. Finally, we walk you through how to interview successfully negotiate a job offer to your best advantage. This is how you can use a career coach in Toronto to help you achieve the win-win!

Career Coaching Resources

I offer DIY online resources, one-on-one coaching sessions, virtual group networking sessions, and instructional videos to help you strengthen your job search and target your dream job:

  • Customized Career Plans (short-, mid-, & long term wish-list)
  • Packaging / Positioning: your personal brand, resume, online profile
  • 10 Top Job Search Techniques
  • Screening Calls & Interview Prep
  • Salary Negotiation Tactics

“Thank you for your guidance and expertise. It has made SUCH a difference in my confidence level. I feel like I have a solid toolbox of skills and resources and 100% more business acumen than I had before. I feel ready to get out there and go after what I want now!”


Customized coaching for individuals and groups through career development workshops:

  • Set your former employees up for success
  • Help them compete more strongly in the job market
  • Shorten the gap between jobs

“My only regret is that I didn’t meet with mediaINTELLIGENCE 10 years ago!”


Recruitment services for small to medium sized audio/video, television, film and post houses, and social marketing, publishing and digital media firms. We teach hiring managers how to interview and select top candidates — therefore, we save you time and money by providing end-end recruitment support, or any step in-between!

  • Assess candidate match to require skills & knowledge areas
  • Pre-screen candidates for qualifications, education, and career goals
  • Negotiate candidate deals

“Interactive, engaging, and motivating! I have learned a lot of useful techniques, and how to apply them to my job search.”


About M. Michelle Nadon – Recruiting Specialist & Career Strategist

Michelle Nadon is known for her comprehensive knowledge about Canadian media mandates and stakeholders. Since 2004, Michelle has been the leading provider of strategic recruitment and cutting-edge career resources for the Canadian media and entertainment sectors: (mI).

As technology and trends have shifted with mercurial speed, Michelle has firmly established mI as the trusted nexus linking creative companies with top professionals. mI is renowned for continuously evolving its coaching products to meet and surpass industry standards. Now in its 16th year, mI has undertaken senior level recruiting assignments, HR consulting and outplacement with all major Canadian networks, many independent television production houses and cultural organizations mI has delivered proprietary career management instruction to Canadian colleges, universities and training organizations.

“I invited Michelle to speak to my Centennial College students about interviewing techniques. In December, I asked each student to recall something pivotal they learned in the course. A full third mentioned her session as being one of the most valuable moments in my class, calling it “informative and impactful”. She gave a very dynamic presentation that the students thoroughly enjoyed, full of practical advice but also enthusiastic encouragement.”

Prior to founding mI, Michelle’s portfolio included managing policy and regulatory compliance with Bellmedia.  She served as General/Operations Manager in two post-production houses. For five years, she worked in production with TVOntario’s English & French public broadcasting networks.  Earlier in her career, she worked with industry leader Nelvana, on award-winning 2D and 3D animated series.

Fluently bilingual, she holds certificates in Advanced Blogging, Social Media Marketing, The Alliance Atlantis Banff Television Executive Program, and Queen’s University’s Executive Marketing Program. In 2015, she received an Honours Diploma for Veterinary Assisting. Michelle lives north of Toronto with her beautiful German Shepherd Stella, and spends all of her spare time, goodwill and company profits on animal advocacy through C4P Animal Rescue.