How to Prepare for a New Career in 2021

EVERYTHING has changed for us this year. Is it finally time to take charge of your career path in 2021?

What now?

With COVID quarantining an outstanding amount of people’s career, now could be that perfect opportunity to figure out a new career path. One that you have dreamed about. Below you will find some key tips on how to prepare for a new career in 2021.

Working from home has forced a lot of change on job seekers — regular methods of job search have been seriously impacted, and the competitive environment has increased two-fold. If you are going to get after this new career, you have to make it a focused part of your energy. Here’s how.

All is not lost in Quarantine. People are pivoting, making life changes, deciding new directions, & learning new skills.


A lot of people like to purge & clean up their houses over the holidays. While you are clearing out the “stuff”, clear out any digital media clutter at the same time.

And then decide what you REALLY need in terms of tech in your life. The most important aspect of career planning for 2021, is that you have up-to-date technology to work with. To manage your career pursuits and online interactions with ease, it’s strongly recommended that you maximize your broadband, upgrade all software and hardware programs on your desktop, and download any necessary apps to your mobile!


Once your technology is set, you want to give some serious thought to your goals. For many, Covid-19 has forced a “reassessment of our life purpose” on us. I encourage you to create a new “career wish-list” for 2021: your list should include professional pursuits, personal pursuits like wellness and balance, and most importantly, professional development. Note that life-long learning and soft skills are now at the top of employers’ wish lists.

Give yourself the time to think through what would be your ideal job. Then plan towards it.

Social Profiles

The next best approach to managing your career in 2021, is to upgrade and maximize your resume, checking your brand across social channels and update your LinkedIn profile. The better you fill out your profile, and the more endorsements you can get from friends and colleagues, the faster your name will rise to the top of the LinkedIn algorithms when you apply for jobs. Being on Linkedin regularly helps as well. The more often you engage with the platform, the more often you are seen. Resume content should match the info on your LinkedIn profile. Both your resume and your profile should be regularly updated with professional development (seminars, webinars, courses, etc.) as well as any recent media you’ve created.

Marketing Tools

Before you start your 2021 job search, there are two more, really smart moves to make: First, you can list 1-3 “titles” or “roles” that you are seeking directly underneath your name on your LinkedIn profile, as well as on your resume and your email signature. This makes it easy on others to know what you’re good at, and what you’re looking for! It also helps you “position” yourself.

The second smart move involves making sure you get all your marketing tools up to speed for the coming year: resume, cover letter, references, LinkedIn profile, endorsements, testimonials, and recommendations. Also, don’t forget the all-important, (but often neglected) email- and voice-mail signatures. These tips help you “package” yourself.

A global pandemic might have put you in a challenging position but this is the perfect opportunity to look to a new career

Work Product / Recent Media

Equally important are “work product” and/or “electronic work samples”. These can be anything from a blog, a vlog, podcasts, video and/or graphic elements, photos, links to online work samplesarticles that you’ve written or interviews you’ve conducted, etc. Any and all media samples are important, and serve as excellent marketing tools to get out there and draw attention your name and your work experience.

So here’s the to-do list to get ready for 2021:

  • Upgrade all your technology: software, hardware, apps and broadband.
  • Make a list of the professional and personal goals you’d like to pursue in 2021.
  • Ensure all your “marketing tools” are scrubbed and ready to go.

When you’ve done this preliminary work, you’re truly ready for job search! Chapter 10 of Careers AF! …new rules…new tools for the gig economy outlines 10 ways to boss your job search! Check it out, and tell your friends!

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Career Planning and Recruitment

career planning and recruitment with Michelle NadonmI’s Career Activism program gives you a truly competitive career planning and recruitment advantage. In one-on-one personal coaching sessions, we help you develop marketing tools with a strong personal brand. We guide you in confidently targeting the exact companies and roles you aspire to. We enhance your interview skills, your negotiating power, and your ability to “make a business case”.

These will help you secure the exact role you want, on the team that you want. Getting your career plan into shape is a simple 3 step process…

Session 1: Building Your Plan & Your Brand

  • Developing and planning short, mid and long-term goals to identify the path you wish to take whether it’s career progression, or career transition.
  • Marketing tool reviews: Targeted resume writing, online profiles, job applications, cover letters & thank you notes, bios, pitch statements and personal brands. We help you optimize your positioning and packaging.
  • Identify and address skills shortages and experience gaps.
  • Clarifying your message through clear “pitch statements”.
  • Build a solid job search strategic plan.

Session 2: How To Access The Hidden Job Market

  • 10 ways to plan an effective job search online and on the ground.
  • How to determine if you have the skills to get shortlisted.
  • How to develop job leads through your professional and personal networks.
  • Leverage MI’s spectacular media company database for leads and introductions to top media companies and contact info for decision makers.
  • How to develop make a business case for your candidacy that resonates strongly with hiring managers.
  • When and how to call, email, and follow up.

Session 3: Master Class – Interview & Hire Negotiations

  • 4 ways to master a screening call.
  • Interview Prep: understand business etiquette and important protocols, prepare for a wide range of interview styles, and understand what the interviewer is seeking.
  • How to determine fair market value for salaries.
  • How to negotiate your compensation package.
  • How to build a successful entry strategy for the new company and how to position your exit strategy for the company you’re moving on from.

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    mI provides customized career coaching for individuals and groups. Our career planning and recruitment programs set your former employees up for success, helps them beat the competition, and shortens the time spent on job search. We provide valuable one-on-one ongoing support through the full transition process: identifying goals, upgrading self-marketing tools, and we offer solid strategies for accessing the hidden job market, and getting in front of the right people at the right times, for the right reasons.

Career Goals and Wish-list Exercise

When was the last time you wrote up your career goals and wish-list? …In fact, have you ever?  

When you’re pro-actively planning and managing your career goals, you are no longer at the mercy of your industry, or the job market! Think about that for a minute! How cool would it be, if you could actually manage your career, rather than have it manage you? No more uncertainty, no more instability, no more throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks! A real plan, that has teeth!

As a career coach, I help you identify career goals and wish-list that support your professional and personal values, and aspirations. This career planning exercise will help you figure out the career path you want to pursue.

Challenge yourself to make a wish-list of 12 goals you’d like to realize. Each statement should reflect your dream job or wish-list… things you’d really like to do at this particular stage of your professional life. Add in some personal goals. Professional development goals. Balance goals. Health goals. If money were no object, what would you really like to do?

  • I would like to own a small production house, creating X content for X audience.
  • I would like to be a consultant in policy for municipal government.
  • I want to produce a YouTube series showcasing…(insert favourite subject!)
  • I would like to coach young professionals and help them build successful careers.
  • I want to build my knowledge of/take a course in X……

Then, send your list along by email, and I’ll show you how to prioritize each of your goals into short-, mid- and long-term themes, identify any professional development you need to get there, and help you build an easy, effective schedule and timeline to reach your goals.

The sooner you can identify your career goals and wish-list, the faster I can help you realize them!