What Do You Stand For?

What brand values are associated with your professional name? 

As you work your way through adjusting/re-creating the content and formatting of all your marketing pieces, you might also spend some time thinking about the “values” you are communicating within that content.

From day one, with mediaINTELLIGENCE.ca, I’ve held tight to 3 core values:

  1. Top standard professionalism and delivery of services
  2. Transparency: de-mystifying career/job search best practices
  3. Inclusion: Everyone’s a “somebody”.

I didn’t actually cast these in stone from day one. But they are the themes that have emerged over time, that mean the most to me in the delivery of my services. And I believe these core values, while not explicitly delineated in words, are nevertheless implicitly included in my day-to-day work life. And I’m quite sure anyone who has worked with me would agree my services are customized to the individual needs of my clients, tailored to their specific job-search challenges, and most importantly, you get “behind the scenes” information and best practices in how to effectively manage your career.

So, what would you like your professional name to stand for? What values or themes are the most meaningful to you, in the delivery of your services? Give it some thought. It’ll add some “gravitas” to your overall messaging.

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Next blog, we’ll take a look at job search research & lead development strategy. Yes-sir-ree. And you’ll be ready, cause you are now clear on your goals, and you’re positioned and packaged accordingly. (Scroll down for earlier blogs on goals and branding…)

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