How to Get Your 2024 Career Act Together: Step 1!

A new year, new goals, new opportunities! A new year is always a source of great excitement for me: My goals list is ready to go! However, writing up goals is akin to putting the cart before the horse in many ways…

Software/Hardware/Supplier Accounts

As is my nature, I spent the month of December studiously upgrading my software and hardware, and reviewing all my supplier accounts to see who could stay, but more important, who could go (along with their costs!)


Then, onto the website: making notes on pages that need to be adjusted in preparation for January. While on website, I updated copyright and privacy notices.


I then studiously combed through my 2023 emails (SO MANY!) and got rid of a TON just to clear the field (and my mind!) for the coming year. I archived old email folders and set up new ones, saving even more confusion!


Next up: document folders:  I went through each of my documents, re-organized, archived 2023, got rid of drafts and duplicates, and put tags on recent versions/updated documents for 2024, so I that wouldn’t spend any more time trying to decipher one version from another!

Computer Files

Each year, I set up a) client folders; b) a financial folder for HST spreadsheets and tax info; c) an “invoices folder” to have somewhere to park invoices; and d) reviewed my passwords/login spreadsheet, making time to update as many as possible…just as a matter of diligence. (thanks Google, for the prompt!)


I realized about 5 yrs ago, just how important having “visuals” is to brand and promote my product/services. Therefore, I made a long list of visuals to give to my marketing team, to ensure I have an adequate supply for the months ahead. Note: I know it’s not a good idea to “date” things, however, each year I upgrade ALL of my product, to reflect the new year. Using “2024” really works for me – it denotes newness, totally current materials… It’s a pain to revise every year, but I find it a most valuable exercise.

Email/Voice-Mail Signatures

Last, I upgraded each of my email signatures (personal and professional), to include new contact info (this year adding TikTok — to my chagrin — and YouTube… and chose appropriate visuals (or tag lines, or short testimonials) to add to signature. This ensures strong, up-to-date branding, and makes each email visually attractive.

Final step was to review my voice mail signature: ensuring I  state my first name + last name CLEARLY with a slight pause between the two and of course, mention the name of the company. I am always sure to include a warm, inclusive, social message advising my intention to return a call within 24 hours.

Am I ready for 2024? You betcha…Watch for next blog addressing goals for the year…

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year 2024

Live long and prosper!