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Wondering where to start actually managing your career? With this career blog, we start at the beginning, and we go through the practical steps that help set us up for success in the marketplace. Do this program once, and you’ll have job search skills for life. 

Here’s how it’s done:  with this career blog, we’ll start at the beginning, establishing, scheduling and prioritizing goals, and look at best practices for building and managing your personal brand. Then, we look at “job search”, including exploring companies you want to work with by looking at their mandate; figuring out who, let alone how, to approach the hiring manager with confidence; and build a “business case” for you joining the company. We cover how to plan “marketing touchdowns” to get you in front of the right team, at the right time, for the right reasons, and take you from the dreaded “stranger status” to “known and respected entity”….

It is so do-able! And it is not rocket science. The trick lies in your (sustained) attention, and simply doing your homework. Note: in my experience, the biggest problem I see when it comes to careers is that people will just not focus and actually make a plan. Or, they do it in fits and starts (usually with their backs against the wall), instead of concertedly working through the steps to manage their brand and message, on a consistent basis.

The good news: I may be the only person to ever tell you that careers (read: all goals) are absolutely, completely achievable. Most people throw stuff at the wall all their life, and hope that something sticks. When you use that approach, your career is actually managing you. We need to turn this around, and put the power back in your hands. That’s exactly what this career blog will do.

Most job seekers turn to friends, peers or family for advice. Despite having your best interests at heart these well-meaning folk are not trained to help you self-actualize and very few of them know about the new employment rules, let alone, new employment tools… We’re looking for you to make more “truly informed” decisions, enhance your brand, and get you moving forward with confidence. And it doesn’t matter what age or stage you are at.

Please hear me when I say there is more opportunity out there than you can possibly imagine. The world is in a sorry state. There’s untold ways and places for you to apply your unique skills, knowledge and passion. Think about it:  if there is a problem in (any) business, it follows that there’s a business imperative to be solved, and an accompanying job (or role) to be had solving it. And yes, dammit, you’re allowed. Not only are you allowed to participate and shine in these new businesses, but you’ll actually be welcomed! Imagine that! You’ll be welcomed because you’ll have done your homework, and that will resonate quite positively (read: confidence) with decision-makers.

Now, to our “homework”… Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. Leave your regular desk and regular thinking behind, grab your desktop, and go somewhere inspirational … A church? A bar? A park? (…or anything in between) …and do this exercise: https://www.mediaintelligence.ca/career-goals-exercise/

You owe it to yourself. Start by writing down what you want for yourself, not what you think the world wants of you. Don’t waste any more time trying to “think your way through it”. You need to write it down. Note: you need to move your career thoughts out of short term memory and into long term memory. And that’s exactly what happens when you write up your wish-list. Get serious for an hour and write down all the things you want, both professionally and personally. Let’s learn to take a leadership position on our wants and needs, and by doing so, we’ll make your professional reality more meaningful, let alone gainful! 

In the issue of this career blog, we’ll take your goals to the next level. You’ll learn to “crunch/(do the analysis)” on them, and we’ll discuss how to prioritize and schedule your goals into your week, week over week. You’ll be off to a strong start, and will be delivering a much more targeted message. It’s nowhere near as hard as you think.

Pro Tip: Just do your homework. Get out your real wish list and have some fun with it! 

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