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Looking for career advice to land your first job, advance your career, or reinnvent yourself? The post-pandemic job market is harder than ever! CAREERS AF! …New rules, new tools for the post-pandemic gig economy is the new “go-to” career survival guide, to help you navigate your strongest path in the new normal.

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mediaINTELLIGENCE.ca provides career advice through the entire hiring process. We help you make a solid career plan. We teach you how to position and package yourself with a strong personal brand, support you in job search and help you access the hidden job market. After that, we walk you through how to interview successfully through AI/ATS (and human!) portals and negotiate your job offer to your best advantage. As a result, our career advice and tools are your best option to achieving a career win-win!

CAREERS AF! is available at the following retailers: Amazon, Indigo (Kobo), Barnes & Noble (Nook), FriesenPress Bookstore, and GooglePlay.

ABOUT THE BOOK  — It’s a Whole New Job World Out There! Are YOU ready?

Career Activism

So many things have changed yet so many things still apply to your getting the right job at a salary that works for you. This is true whether you want a staff position or you’re looking to freelance—or even if you want to monetize a hobby or talent! That’s why Careers AF! 2nd Edition is the go-to resource for new grads wanting  a foot in the door; millennials looking to move up the corporate ladder; boomers intending to transition or reinvent yourself; or, new immigrants trying to get a handle on the local business culture…

Reading Careers AF! is a pleasure. Its relaxed, everyday language feels like you’re sitting down with a friend who’s really smart, has decades of experience as a recruiter and job coach yet is totally in tune with 21st century job realities. But don’t let the casual tone fool you; this is powerful, practical stuff. There are many powerful, hands-on takeaways:

  • Valuable information you will use to assess specifically which jobs are a fit for you so you don’t waste time applying for a job you can’t get or really don’t want
  • Easy guidelines for writing cover letters, bios and even recommendations (in case someone is willing to recommend you but wants you to write the actual letter)
  • Up to the minute tips on how to effectively make today’s technologies, like Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, really work for you
  • Insightful techniques for preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for your search
  • Insider insights into how to kill at the interview (along with “the 3 biggest mistakes people make at interviews” so you can avoid them)
  • Clear advice on how to ask for the salary you want and max your chances to get it
  • Real inspiration and encouragement to actually do the things that will position you at the top of the list when you apply for a job

If you’re in the job market—or thinking of entering it—maximize your efforts and avoid potential discouragement by setting yourself up for success with the knowledge and experience available on every page in Careers AF! 2ndEdition.

P..S. Check out the accompanying Career Toolkit here: https://tinyurl.com/8ad3rjf3

Above all, this is the book for creating the career you want in the 21st century.