Services: Career Planning

Doc Accelerator in Session at Hot Docs. Photo by Joseph Michael. Planning

Doc Accelerator in Session at Hot Docs. Photo by Joseph Michael.

mI’s customized career planning program is designed to give you a competitive advantage. We help you develop marketing materials with a strong personal brand. We guide you in identifying and targeting the exact companies and positions you aspire to, with confidence! We enhance your interview skills, negotiating power, and your ability to “make a business case”. These will help you secure the exact role you want, on the team that you want. *You can choose one-on-one, in-person coaching sessions. We can also coach over different social media platforms, if in-person doesn’t work for you. You can pick and choose our a la carte services from menu below.


Getting your career planning into shape, is a simple three-step process:

First, we help you identify your goals, build your portfolio pieces and social media profiles in support of your goals, and then help you identify and market your skill set and knowledge areas:

  • Developing and planning short, mid & long-term goals to identify the path you wish to take whether it’s career progression, or career transition (free exercise).
  • Portfolio Reviews c2017: resume reviews, targeted resume writing, online profiles, cover letters & thank you notes, bios, pitch statements and personal brands. We help you optimize your positioning and packaging.
  • Identify and address skills shortages & experience gaps.
  • Clarifying your message through clear “pitch statements”.

Next, we turn our sights to job search strategy:

Endlessly searching for jobs online? At MI, we teach you how to research and target companies properly. We show you how to match your skills to a business unit and mandate and approach the exact decision makers for consideration on their team. Finally, we teach you how to how to make a strong business case for your candidacy, anyhow to follow up!

  • Plan an effective job search online and on the ground: 5 ways to job search.
  • How to determine if you have the skills to get shortlisted.
  • How to develop job leads through your professional & personal networks.
  • When and how to call, email, follow up.
  • Targeted Job Search: Leverage MI’s spectacular media company database for leads to top media companies and contact info for decision makers.

Finally, we teach you to how interview with confidence, how to prepare properly for critical interviews, and help you negotiate your compensation package.

  • Interview Prep: understand business etiquette and important protocols, prepare for a wide range of interview styles & questions, and understand what the interviewer is seeking.
  • How to determine fair market value for salaries.
  • How to negotiate your compensation package
  • How to build a successful entry strategy for the new company and how to position your exit strategy for the company you’re moving on from.

*One on one Sessions $159-$175.  Phone/Skype Consults $1.99/min.  Graduation Gift Certificates $99. All fees subject to HST and payable on receipt through PayPal.