FAQs – Ask us!

FAQ: How much does career coaching cost?  The first session Career Essentials: Building Your Plan and Your Brand is a 2-hour, one-one-one, customized session. I like to meet my clients in person, for the first session.  Each session costs $199.00.  The second session Career Activism: How To Access the Hidden Job Market  can be in person or via Skype. Then we move you to support calls for interview preparation or ongoing job search strategy support @$2.49/minute. Skype chats are always available, whether you want a structured session, or simply need some pressing career questions answered! 

FAQ: Can you help me find a job?  Short answer: YES! …When our talent makes a concerted effort to establish their goals, brand themselves properly, and present themselves clearly and appropriately in business, we are more than happy to introduce you to our clients. If you’ve completed career coaching sessions 1-2 with us, you’re going to be prepared, you’ll out-smart your competition, and employers will respect your efforts and hire you.

FAQ: I send out dozens of resumes, and I don’t get any responses…  If this is the case, you are definitely doing something wrong. Usually if you don’t make the shortlist, you have less than 80% of the skills required. Or, you are not making a compelling business case for your candidacy in your cover letter. Or, you are being out-competed. Remember, HR’s job is to screen you out – you have to be especially diligent in your application and do your homework to get screened in. mI can help you with cover letters/résumé prep/job applications.

FAQ: I keep getting the interview, but I don’t get the job.  You are being out-competed by your peers in the interview process. Contact mI and let us help you compete more strongly during interviews.

FAQ: How do your recruitment services work?  mI’s broadcast and media clients hire us to source talent for them. This paid for by our broadcast clients. There are no fees to candidates. How much does recruiting cost? We tailor our recruiting assignments to exactly what’s needed, whether it’s sourcing, screening, interviewing, short-listing, or all of the above! Reach out for a quote!

FAQ: Could we meet for coffee?  At mI, we don’t “do coffees”  … we roll up our sleeves and get to work with you sorting out your goals, upgrading your marketing tools and personal brand, and we teach you how to confidently approach hiring managers and secure the job offer!

Let us help you plan and manage your career goals instead of having the process manage you!