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Are you in job search mode? Or, thinking of building your own business but are unsure of where and how to start? mI offers a “go-to” career toolkit to support you …because in 2017, it’s all about new rules and new tools… 

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mI’s 2017 “Do-it-yourself” CAREER TOOLKIT is full of templates and guides to help you establish your personal brand. The toolkit offers sample resume formats, a Bio template, templates for cover letters and references, and more!  …In short, all the “tools” you need to market yourself in competitive job markets! Most important, the toolkit includes a job search research/job search strategy worksheet (gold!), which walks you through a proven method to target companies, build your “business case” and make truly effective “marketing touchdowns” with hiring managers. Then, we break down how to ace the interview and compensation package too! Our toolkit  is designed specifically to support your every step, whether you are seeking a new job, or looking to reinvent yourself and build a new business! $59.00

What’s the magic to getting a new gig? The secret lies in doing your homework! Our approach is designed to teach you to attract and impress hiring managers through top representation of your personal brand, and your unique skills and knowledge.  Our best practices ensure HR folk take serious notice of you when your résumé hits their desktop!

CAREER ESSENTIALS: Building Your Plan & Your Brand…is a guide that supports the mI 2017 Career Toolkit. It offers media professionals practical ways to showcase your skills, articulate your goals, and establish your personal brand. We review best practices for all the marketing pieces required to meet current industry standards:  CV/résumé, Bio, references, social media profiles/internet presence, cover emails/letters, profile/pitch statements, business cards, work samples, email signatures, etc. These tools help you “position” and “package” yourself. Finally, we give you practical information on effective networking practices and we teach you how to continuously build your brand to support your professional and personal goals. (12 pages/$40)

CAREER ACTIVISM: How to Access The Hidden Job Market Once your goals are set and your marketing pieces are final, you’re ready for job search!  We show you how to access the hidden job market by strategically targeting companies. Our guide teaches you how to effectively approach decision-makers for consideration on a team, and how to make a strong business case for getting the job offer. It outlines practical ways to plan an effective online and offline job search  and develop job leads. We even have a cheat sheet for how to assess if you have what it takes to be shortlisted for a given job. Finally, we offer practical direction on how to get in front of the right decision-maker at the right time, for the right reasons. This guide is full of information on identifying hard, soft and transferable skills, how to discover and track job leads. Finally, we guide you in how to plan “marketing touchdowns” and “follow-ups”, build and leverage contacts, and finally, convert the whole process into a job offer!  (14 pages/$40)

MASTERING THE INTERVIEW:  It pays to prepare! This guide is designed to help job seekers compete more strongly in interviews. We teach you  how to thoroughly research for critical interviews. We show you what to expect during screening calls, and also during the first and second round interviews. We guide you in how to answer tough questions, build a “business case” for your candidacy and make and justify your salary “ask”.  For these reasons, employers will know exactly why you would be the best candidate for the job. Finally, it offers great tips on how to wrap up and take control of next steps and interview follow-ups. This guide (12pages/$40) will help you truly stand out in the interview process and lead you towards receiving the offer.

NEGOTIATING YOUR SALARY: You have an upcoming call from a hiring manager about a job you’ve applied to, and you know they’re going to ask what your salary expectations are… BOOM! 85% of candidates cannot answer this question confidently!  Savvy negotiating skills are essential to getting the comp package that you want and deserve. mI demystifies salary negotiations by breaking the process into three manageable stages: preparing for “the discussion”; having “the discussion”. We also show you how to close the deal with a win-win. This helpful guide gives you a critical advantage over your peers by teaching you to understand the process, and negotiate your salary and deal points with confidence. (9 pages/$40)

SMART START: How to Start Your Own Small Media Business: Got an idea for a new business? mI’s Smart Start deck offers you solid guidance on how to develop your business idea, draft a totally cool business plan (more gold!) We teach you how to plan for revenues and costs, and how to target specific markets. We’ll also show you how to build and manage your brand, and clearly communicate your value-prop!  All kinds of solid do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs! So, invest in yourself and get a step-by-step outline for starting your own business. (30 pages/$99)

Reach out and let mI give you the qualitative support you need.  You cannot succeed in isolation…  e: | m: 416.533.6788 

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